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Even Unlocked Doors Can Protect Your Life

As locksmiths, we usually view doors with an eye towards security - preventing unauthorized persons from passing through the door. This means quality locks, installed correctly so that they offer all the protection they were designed to provide. Even the easily bypassed privacy lockset, commonly used for bathrooms, dressing rooms, and bedrooms can protect you from accidental intrusion. We offer additional security in the form of door frame reinforcement which, when combined with a decent lock, can protect you from intentional criminal physical attack. We also offer increased security against unauthorized entry through key control and limiting the possibility of others accessing or duplicating your keys.

We combine safety with security by offering the proper hardware to provide security while also allowing quick, barrier-free egress. When the need is to get out of the home or business, your safety is best served by providing the means for a fast and unobstructed exit, as in the case of a fire or other emergency.

But in keeping with our motto of "Protecting our Customers and Securing their Property," we need to remind everyone of the importance of keeping their doors closed, especially at night, to slow the spread of fire and smoke. This applies to doors with passage locks that offer no other form of security. A closed door can offer additional precious minutes to escape from a fire. There are, of course, doors made specifically to stop the spread of smoke and fire, but even the cheapest doors offer far greater protection when closed rather than left open.

The UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute's CLOSE YOUR DOOR Safety Initiative offers tremendous information regarding how a simple closed door can greatly increase your chances of escaping the dangers posed by smoke and fire. They can also greatly reduce the damage done to your property. Please visit their site for more information and take the pledge to close your doors.

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