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Door Devil Kick-in Prevention

Altic Lock Service has recommended the Door Devil brand of door reinforcement for years. Door Devil has recently introduced a door reinforcement package that is both intelligently designed and easy to install at retail price of only $39. Just like the original package, the new Door Devil includes door frame reinforcement, door edge protection, and hinge protection. These are the key areas susceptible to forced entry attempts.

The new frame protection is much smaller than the original, but offers comparable protection. Even better, they were able to use a thinner plate without compromising strength by making a small but smart alteration to the shape of the plate. This makes it even easier to install and usable on door frames that previously would have required major alteration to install a thicker plate.

Likewise. the door edge plate has been more efficiently designed. It looks better and fits the door better, while still offering the necessary protection.

The hinge reinforcement is a major change as well. Honestly, we really liked the old hinge reinforcement, but the new is easier, quicker, and simpler to install without decreasing performance.

It's not easy to improve a great product, but it appears Door Devil has done just that. For more information, call us or go to the Door Devil website.

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