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School Security

We've all become painfully aware that schools can become the scenes of horrendous crimes and violence. School shootings, like those in Columbine and Sandy Hook, receive worldwide attention. One thing you may have noticed - when the bad guys get in, they seem to have the run of the place. Many years ago, a special function lock was developed specifically for use in school settings, appropriately named a classroom function lock. What made the classroom function lock unique was that it could only be locked with a key, and only from the exterior. When the classroom function lock was designed, it was largely to prevent schoolroom pranks - preventing students from locking the teachers out of the classroom.

The problem with this design, discovered after the escalation of the level of violence occurring in schools, was that the teacher had to be on the outside of the door to lock it. This put the teacher at risk. Recent events caused the development of a new lock function - the classroom intruder lock. The classroom intruder lock was similar to the classic classroom lock except that it had an additional keyed cylinder on the inside knob or lever that would allow the teacher to lock the door without exposing themselves to danger. By design, both classroom and classroom intruder locks allow free egress - the inside knob or lever always operates, whether it is locked or not.

Classroom and classroom intruder locks are not limited to use in schools, though that is their primary usage. They can be used anywhere that you want only authorized personnel to be able to secure a door, as well as unlock it, but with the free egress capability required for life safety reasons. All schoolroom doors should have this capability. If your child's school does not, you should find out why.

Classroom Intruder function lock

Interior key cylinder allows the door to be locked from inside when necessary, without interfering with the ability to freely exit the room.

Glass Protection

Most schools tend to have a lot of glass, both windows and doors. Glass protection film is available that will make those glass surfaces far more resistant to break-ins, vandalism, and wind-blown debris.

Available from Global Security Experts, Inc. See video below: