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Protecting our Customers and Securing their Property since 2005 Call us at (317) 490-1469 for Prompt, Professional Service! Residential and Commercial Locksmith Services in Indianapolis.

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Residential Locksmith Services

Residential Products


Any time there is a change in ownership or any time you cannot account for all your keys, it is advisable to rekey your locks. Whether you have just moved, lost your keys (by accident or theft), loaned out too many keys, or just don't trust someone who has had access to you keys; rekeying your locks will reestablish some level of key control, security, and piece of mind.

Repair, replace, upgrade, or install new locks or deadbolts

We can repair many common lock failures. We stock quality locks when the time comes to replace a lock, or if you want to upgrade from the locks found at the local hardware store.

Common Residential Services

  • Rekey existing locks and deadbolts
  • Repair, replace, or upgrade locks and deadbolts
  • Install new locks and deadbolts
  • Break-in repairs
  • Install jamb reinforcement
  • Install security strikes
  • Strike adjustments
  • Install door edge reinforcement
  • Install hinge reinforcement
  • Install latch protection
  • Install door viewers
  • Install sliding door deadbolts
  • We provide unlock services
  • We can special order locks
  • We install customer-supplied locks and other door hardware

Common Residential Recommendations

  • Many "lock problems' are actually due to poor or inadequate door installation. Loose hinges and sagging doors are problems that can be corrected and will often alleviate "lock problems".
  • Many lock failures are due to incorrect alignment between the lock and the strike. We can usually detect these problems and correct them before there is a failure.
  • Most successful "forced entries" are a result of jamb failure, not a lock failure. We will usually recommend installing the Door Devil (tm) Reinforcement Package reduce the chances of a forced entry or to repair damage caused by them.